10 Basic functions of Inventory Management Software

Producing the ideal quantity to meet demand necessitates advanced strategic and operational decisions. The restocking of raw materials has to be planned within a specified time frame to produce the finished product for consumers. Inventory control, also known as stock control, refers to the tracking and accounting of commodities, raw materials, and components that a corporation sells or uses in production.

Creates motivational effect in decision and policy making e.g. a person may be tempted to purchase more if inventories are displayed in bulk. Maintains smooth and efficient production flow thus keeps a process continually operating. Inventory is list of names, with complete specifications, quantities and/or money values of usable items.

Perpetual inventory management

These discounts in turn reduce the cost of goods and increase the profits. The aim of holding inventories is to allow the firm to separate the process of purchasing, manufac­turing, and marketing of its primary products. Inventories are a component of the firm’s working capital and as such represent a current account.

Maintain independence of operations—During the production process as well as the supply chain, the product is moved through many different operations that have different processing rates. The challenge is balancing different processing capabilities, and it is not always possible. Therefore, you need a cushion between operations, and inventory at different points in the system serves this purpose.

  • Investing in an inventory management system can reap you instant benefits in managing your inventory increasing profits and decreasing the complexity of processes.
  • In order to reduce costs and maintain the stock at an optimum level, you will need a system developed to help you decide when and how much stock you need to order.
  • Every company has to store its goods that it wants to be sold.
  • It also supports job work features which provide insights into material and job status.

This is a practice of finding out the demands of the customer by checking previous purchase trends, like seasonality and promotions. Correctly predicting demand aids in a better knowledge of the inventory one needs and reduces this need for storing extra stock. An event management company keeps in stock the artificial flowers so that in case the real flowers are not delivered, then also they can decorate the venue using the artificial flowers. For example, a company manufacturing toys does not necessarily need perpetual counting and they can easily keep stock using periodic counting. But a hotel needs to keep a perpetual count of their rooms that is available and the period count is not helpful for them.

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It is also great for businesses that have multiple storage locations and those which have various product lines. TallyPrime supports flexible units of measure which is useful for proper stock management. It also supports job work features which provide insights into material and job status. The software tool enables automation in generation of re-order status reports which has information of the quantities that must be ordered. One of the major functions of inventory management software is its ability to generate meaningful reports that give you a clear picture of inventory.

The workflow of the company decides the number of suppliers it has. The system automatically assigns ticket based on the type, location or asset selected. Gain visibility of inventory and streamline inventory process. Control your assets easily with Asset Infinity & keep track of every valuable assets used to run your business. Yes, it is an asset of the company since money is invested into the company and revenue is generated from it.

By ensuring timely availability of adequate supply of goods, inventory control helps the firm as well as consumers. Periodic inventory management is another example of a system which uses the physical counting of stock to its advantage. Essentially, with this method, inventory is only counted and updated at specific times rather than consistently. Inventory management helps your business decide on which and how much stock to order at different periods.

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So that one can buy the required inventory at the right time. This process will help in processing inventory levels, prevent stock-outs and reduce storage https://1investing.in/ costs. If the items are bought or manufactured in higher quantities than required in that current market scenario then it is called lot-size inventories.

To calculate it, multiply the highest daily consumption of an item and the highest lead time for this item . Then multiply the average daily consumption of an item and average lead time . Voila, this difference is your safety stock number – in items/units.

  • Dummies has always stood for taking on complex concepts and making them easy to understand.
  • With ever-changing customer tastes and preferences, there may be increased demand for a product to meet as a business.
  • This entails having the right goods in the right quantity at the right location at the right time.
  • However, weighted average is calculated each time a purchase is made.
  • This method tends to level profits and losses during inflation and deflation.
  • For any retail business, the most valuable asset is its inventory.

Both are equally harmful to a company’s financial performance and consumer loyalty. The manager has to develop a strategy to turn over these products and minimise waste in such a case. They can use the “kitting” technique to combine those items with more in-demand commodities in a subscription box feature to facilitate their quick sale. Inventory control aids in determining how much inventory or stock to store at what moment as well as fulfilling client demand while reducing expenses at the same time. It is a key feature of a reputed Inventory Management Software to include order management, listing management functionality and shipping management and will assist in streamlining the entire selling process. To provide a selection of goods for anticipated customer demand and to separate the firms from fluctuations in that demand.

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Utility management keeps track of asset performance and enables you to monitor & analyze performance to minimize consumption. Schedule maintenance of every asset proactively & keep them maintained. Preventive maintenance enhances asset utilization, performance, asset availability.

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The new data science-led technologies study the circumstances and provide a problem-oriented approach. The software allows you to set up a certain limit so that you can stock up after the threshold amount. No matter what size of business you run, you would surely need to accept the role of technology in inventory management.

These records also help in deciding about timely replenishment of stocks. The entire production operation can be halted if any of these are missing. To avoid the shortage of raw material the firm can maintain larger inventories.

TOP 5 Mistakes in Manufacturing and Inventory management

‘A’ group consists of the most costly items, and therefore a small inventory is maintained for this. Average-priced stock with a medium selling rate falls into the B group. Compared to groups A or B, the C group Global Standardization in Marketing stocks have a low price but a rapid sales volume frequency and need less stock management. As client tastes and preferences change, there can be an increasing demand for a product that a company needs to supply.