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Where Nomad Packaging Began

Nomad Packaging was established in 1976 as a dedicated supplier of packaging solutions for freight companies. Even back then, shipping was an integral part of the modern world. Just one broken, missing or otherwise damaged item on delivery is all it took to turn a customer away forever. But no matter how careful the shippers were, it just kept happening. Customers were unhappy and bouncing between services, trying to find just one that could reliably deliver items in good condition consistently. Unfortunately, it simply wasn’t possible. The road was too long and the journey too rough for there to be any guarantees. When Nomad Packaging came around and said we had the answer, it seemed too good to be true. We were faced with scepticism, doubt and incredulity. One demonstration, however, was all it took to convince people that we’d found the solution. Our flexible but durable multi-density polyethylene-filmed bags were so far ahead of anything else that everyone immediately knew it was a game changer They were light but strong, well-padded and nearly impervious to the rigours of travel. On top of this they were supremely versatile and adaptable, able to host an array of waterproofing, security, tamper evident and climatic protection features. Based on the enormous amount of interest in it, and the industries that picked it up, we called our invention the courier bag.

Where Nomad Packaging is Going

Our courier bag changed the game, and set the gold standard on which all other mailers since then have been built.

We’ve never been one to rest on our laurels however – Nomad Packaging always keeps moving.

Since 1976 we’ve been developing new packaging solutions, improving on old ones and seeking out only the best materials and technologies to incorporate into our product line.

Our main focus has always been pure, unmitigated and unadulterated quality. Billions of dollars’ worth of goods, including priceless jewellery, large amounts of cash and irreplaceable heirlooms have been sent all over the world in our packaging.

Every single day, countless people depend on our products, whether they’re waiting for a cash delivery in an ultra-secure tamper evident bag, or a fragile glass bottle of lifesaving medication inside a padded, crush-proof and piercing-resistant multiple density courier mailer.

We’re keenly aware of how important our packaging solutions are to individuals and businesses around the world, and it’s a responsibility that we take extremely seriously.

When the stakes are high, when top quality is not negotiable and when it’s absolutely, vitally important that you’re able to ship things in perfect safety, Nomad Packaging is the only answer.


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