Plastic Shopping Bags

The Importance of Plastic Shopping Bags

Plastic shopping bags are best known as the staple of supermarket packaging solutions all over the world. They are an integral part of every retail experience, whether you're selling clothing, homewares, gifts, food or anything else. Shopping bags are one of the few parts of any customer experience that they take home with them. It's with them both in the store and afterwards, meaning that if you aren't taking full advantage of the branding and customer experience opportunities afforded by customised plastic shopping bags, you're putting yourself at a clear disadvantage.

Nomad Packaging has been at the forefront of packaging design and utility functions for decades and, as such, are uniquely positioned to deliver the best recommendations, tailored designs and customer-oriented logistics solutions. There's more to plastic shopping bags than meets the eye, but our experience has made us one of the very few suppliers able to holistically consider the entire gamut of factors in play and deliver the absolute best results every time. When we make a recommendation, we consider everything.


Required flexibility

Depending on the shape, weight and packing of your products, you'll need different plastic shopping bags. For example, the wide variety of different products offered by supermarkets means the best choice is a system that offers moderate levels of flex. Too much, and the risk of bag breakage is needlessly elevated. Too little, and the bags don't have enough elasticity to accommodate all the different product shapes, sizes and weights. We know how to strike the right balance.

Environmental Considerations

The big issue with plastic shopping bags today is environmental friendliness. Nomad Packaging has the ability to produce plastic shopping bags with almost any level of recycled material integration and biodegradable organic polymers. This is a balancing act. Excessive focus on ecological considerations can undermine the strength and functioning of the system, but too little runs the risk of not only turning customers away and damaging brand reputation, but also violating environmental regulations in some countries. As an international suppler, Nomad Packaging is keenly aware of these issues, and are able to provide the most extensive range of options to ensure that you're able to find the right spot an the environmental spectrum.

Branding Potential

As a general rule it's good to get your name out there. Nomad Packaging's advanced printing and design facilities enable us to colour or design your shopping bags with any sort of logo, slogan or image. It's a good idea to consider your products and customer base first, however if discretion is one of your ideals, as is frequently the case with adult entertainment, medications or other goods, it might be a better idea to forgo this in favour of more clearly fulfilling customer needs. Similarly, you may wish to opt out of this if your plastic shopping bags are frequently reused for garbage or improperly disposed of by customers.

Customer Experience

Do your customers prefer clear, translucent or opaque plastic shopping bags? Would they rather have thinner or thicker materials? Are they willing to purchase reusable shopping bags? How important are environmental considerations to their shopping experience? Nomad Packaging's extensive manufacturing capabilities mean we can give you all the options. Consequently, a number of our clients have started specifying precise features and reported measurable improvements to customer satisfaction and return visits as a result of switching to plastic bags made by us.


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