Industrial Bags

Industrial Bags

Bags are simply the greatest storage solution ever devised.

Simple, flexible, easy and compact to store in large numbers, and capable of being manufactured to hold almost anything.

It’s no wonder that they’ve been worked into a number of industry-specific systems, and no surprise that Nomad Packaging has one of the world’s best ranges of adaptably manufactured industrial and bulk bags.

Due to the supremely wide variety of options available and the number of special features that are usually requested, Nomad Packaging doesn’t stock any standard models, but instead does each production run precisely to specification.

Just tell us what you need and we’ll get you the perfect solution.

  • Levels of malleability, strength and weight capacity as required. Get nothing less than what you need to avoid issues with breakages, bulk bags splitting and load limit issues.
  • Requisite electrostatic protection and properties, fulfilling industry grounding, electrical conductivity and static discharge requirements.
  • Woven, layered or other manufacturing processes. Different techniques produce different results. The best solutions will always be made accordingly.
  • Custom lifting loop allocation. We can incorporate anywhere from one to four lifting loops in any layout in order to maximise convenience, efficiency and versatility.
  • Bulk bag access requirements per request. Whether you’re looking for top-loading, bottom-emptying, spout configurations or anything else, we’re able to include it.

Bulk Bag Uses

FIBCs and bulk bags are the chosen method of intermediary transport for the vast majority of powdered, granular or otherwise diffuse materials.

This means just about every manufacturing, logistical or construction materials business needs them. At Nomad Packaging, we have the widest range and competitive prices, as well as functional experience in designing bulk bags and flexible packaging systems for a number of the most popular FIBC transportation products.

  • Chemicals, whether completely inert, corrosive, volatile, inflammable or possessed of any other unique logistical requirements.
  • Fertilisers, which often have their own special safety requirements and transport regulations dependent on the exact variety.
  • Food products including cereals, grains, seeds, nuts or anything else that’s granular.
  • Construction materials which includes, but is definitely not limited to, shotcrete, fibreglass, refractories, pigments, sand, gravel and more.

 For the best industrial bags, FIBCs and big bulk bags, just call Nomad Packaging on +61 (0) 2 9997 2723 or contact us online.

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