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Not all postage bags and mailers are made equal. Sending physical packages, particularly when they contain valuable contents, can be a nerve-wracking experience.

If you want complete peace of mind, and the knowledge that anything you send is secure, protected from the elements and insulated against anything that’ll come its way, Nomad Packaging has the answer.

Our focus on quality combined with the flexible custom design and printing capabilities on offer have made us one of the chosen packaging suppliers for several major retail, courier and freighting companies, both national and international, including IGA, TNT, DHL, EMS and others.

With manufacturing facilities based in China and a customer base that expands across the Asia Pacific region and as far as Europe and North America, no job is too big, and we have the capacity to provide cost effective solutions in everything we do.

As a general rule, if you’re looking for a packaging solution that involves plastic film, we have the answer. Check out our full product range to find out what we can do for you, or simply contact us online and ask.

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Why Nomad Mailer, Courier and Postage Bags Are Better

Ever since we invented courier bags, which have become the mainstay of online retailers, air freighters and anyone else that does a lot of individual shipping, we’ve consistently invested in research and development to ensure that everything in our wide range of postage bags and packaging solutions comes with the most advanced features. This means everything is made from the best materials and can provide the highest levels of security, climate protection and resistance to physical damage. In addition to postage bags, we also offer a wide range of padded mailers, tamper evident solutions, plastic shopping bags, custom designs, industrial bulk bags and more. One of the areas in which we particularly stand out, and something that’s made us the go-to choice for countless online retailers, is our custom design capabilities. As the popularity of internet shopping grows, it brings a corresponding decrease in the visibility of physical marketplaces. This means branded packaging is more important than ever before, and will only become more essential as time passes. It’s vital that your shipping bags are clearly branded in order to avoid missing out on all the opportunities granted by a solid distribution network. Nomad Packaging can help. We have both the design expertise and the right knowledge of packaging products to ensure that everything you send is adding value at each step of your customer lifecycle.

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