Tampervoid Platinum


Tampervoid Platinum – The most secure tamper evident closure for applications where the highest level of security and maximum strength are required.

The most secure and unique tamper evident closure is fully resistant to heat freer,. moisture, dry ice, solvents and terrperature controlling agents which can be used to open other types of bags without leaving any evidence of tampering The Platinum range has been designed for applications where maximum levels of security are required. Features include a double side weld. printing along the edges, overlapping closure so bags have a degree of water proofing qualifies and an incredibly strong tamper evident security tape.


Tampervoid Platinum Products are ideal for

  • Election results
  • Over the counter deposits
  • ATM collections
  • Multiple types of bank deposits
  • Armoured courier transfers
  • AExam papers
  • DNA and medical analysis

Tampervoid Platinum products are available in a variety of styles and sizes including:

  • Single pouch
  • Important documents
  • Horizontal twin packs
  • Horizontal triple packs
  • Vertical deposit packs
  • External document pouch
  • Multiple baring and sequential numbering
  • Tear off receipt
  • Handles
  • Custom products are also available